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Meet MasterMataz EDM Producer, DJ and Musician from London, MasterMataz started as a DJ in his teenage years. Music soon occupied a major portion of his life and wishing to expand his artistic talents and skills he sought out the mentor ship of Musician and Author Kathleen Lorna Middleton who not only taught him how to play the piano, but she went on to become one of his closest friends and surrogate Nan. MasterMataz learned his music lessons well and went on to compose and perform his own songs. He has worked with many great and talented artists like Jenni French from Los Angeles, with whom he later formed ElectroPoets.

MasterMataz has also been doing inspired creative writing since 2000 and has currently published his own book titled MasterMataz : The Journey - Awakening the Words Within - Special Edition 2014. The book lists many of his song lyrics, poems, and other creative thoughts that are based on events from his life.

He says, “Life experiences, people, situations good and bad, all provide a profound learning experience...ideas and songs spring from these.” You can get a copy of the book from CLICK HERE .

Some of the most popular creative writing by MasterMataz features in World Prayer for Peace by All Artists 2012: War Is an Excuse, Not a Solution.

When MasterMataz is not producing, writing songs, or performing, he devotes a significant amount of his time working for charitable organizations such as the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in 1991 by organizing and participating in various fundraising activities. MasterMataz is donating 32% from individual exclusive set songs in stores, to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. The Genesis of his charity work began after the death of his first daughter.

The music of MasterMataz can be found in all major online stores. He’s also a member of the FAC (Featured Artist Coalition) and PPL UK.

MasterMataz is the CEO behind BeatPulse Media Productions and BPM^!^ TV., www.beatpulse.me and www.bpm-tv.com.



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Inspired Quotes

Beauty is a Colorful Vision

Awakening and evolving our thinking..
Is unfolding the revolution of minds..
Remove the colors of a peacocks tail,
You remove, The colors of the rainbow sky..
Remember color is a thing of beauty
Not a reason to hate or fight.

Intelligence is colourful = meaning beauty.
Judgment is grey = meaning no sight or vision.
Understanding is colourful = meaning the beauty to change & accept.
Malice has no shade at all just meaningless.
Love is colourful it is the shade of all beautiful beings...

You don't look upon
A colourful butterfly and just say
I don't like the way this creature looks,
You find yourself saying..
Oh how beautiful...
Do you see the concept of the butterfly?

Treat your neighbour.. your friend..
And your enemy.. the most,
The same way..
You look upon...
The beauty of the butterfly...
You pass no judgment,
How the creature looks,
Just feeling the true emotion... Oh how beautiful you are..

Accepting Beautiful things,
Is Accepting
Your true tranquil state of mind..
And becoming at peace, with mankind and your self...
I do not need to tell you this,
You know it already.. deep within you...

Unlock the colorful vision around you..
To unlock the world around you,
Being at One with this vision
Is a colorful vision for all...
Copyright © 2011 MasterMataz

Awakening The Inspiration!

The wind gushed past fast one day, making a brief clearing
Within the patch work world, we live, within.
A glimpse of something new and different but not unknown to the conscious minds eye,
a vision of a new beginning, a better way
bursting with amplitude and strength with a spoonful of hope,
sat gazing up trusting your vision, of great and wonderful change,
waiting to embrace you,
took a small step forward,
grasping at the warm embrace surrounding the transforming,
evolution of minds that's fast approaching all of human kind.

The vision awakening of you to evolve your soul and spirit,
and the mind follows to succeed here on in.

The clock ticks away,
pay no attention to its tic toc
don't follow the sound
of critical and hasty velocity world.

slow down and breathe,
take in every moment
look around for a second,
find what you did not see before?
it's always... been there
you just did not notice till now!

Breathe in again..
exhale and smile...
Cherish that moment..
more is coming for you to notice!.

Forget your age
its a waste of energy
through just worrying
your over the hill
when your just at the base
of the hill
waiting to climb a new journey!!
Copyright © 2012 MasterMataz

Love Letter To a Sweet Strange Face

(Male) Hello sweet stranger you remind me of someone Long ago
Where did you go, So long ago...

(Female) Oh dear love, I did not go,
you choose to not see Me no more
I've been waiting Waiting for eternity,
If that's, what it took...
Awaiting your forever lasting, Gaze upon my face Just once more...

I am forever in debt, To those eyes across, my warm smile...
Rejoicing my vibrant heart...
Waiting for you, To awaken your vision, To see me, once more.

You awakened your Core visual thinking heart,
Why I called upon The depths of our two sided
Enchanted love coin...
Determined to melt the capsules Of your corroded, distorted capture.

Once again becoming Our destined grace...
Enchanted... Precious coin...

Flipping to rejoin us both...
Once again becoming Both sides of the Butterflies back.
Flown to the wishing well, Skylight wave...
Sending emotional messages Of ripples and vibrations
Of a time you once forgot...

My Time, Your time The time our face Joined as one
Our Eternal welding, Our cosmic Tower of strength
Once again We become One
Forever Eternal love... Of One..

So you see dear sweet I did not go,
I took a gamble on our coin, I was patient and spent it well...
Copyright © 2012 MasterMataz




MasterMataz The Journey

Wishing to expand his artistic talents and skills he sought out the mentor ship of Musician and Author Kathleen Lorna Middleton. MasterMataz has been doing inspired creative writing since 2000 The book lists many of his song lyrics, poems, and other creative thoughts. http://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/isbn9781291829198

Avemie Iguis - Ako lamang Para sa'yo

Singer from the Philippines. on the eve of what happen in there country Proceeds arranged so 32% to Avemie. 32% goes to a humanitarian aid for the Philippines

From My Daughters Death:

To a Life of Happiness Hell and Back, What Did I Do? How Did I Do It? Here is where I was, here is how I got through, here is what shifted my life, and here is what you can do also. I wrote My True Story to inspire all who reads, Show that you truly can overcome any situation in life.

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Your Heading Here!!

Soul Family Flow & Receive (Feat Valeria Tignini & MasterMataz) Proceeds in aid of:

Soul Family Flow & Receive (Feat Valeria Tignini & MasterMataz) Proceeds in aid of (The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp) to support there worthy cause... children diagnosed with cancer, sickle cell anemia, HIV/AIDS, hemophilia and other serious and life-threatening conditions enjoy more than they or their parents ever thought possible. Activities include archery, mini golf, swimming, boating, fishing, horseback riding, arts and crafts, sports, theater and camping; all are designed to include every child and ensure that no child will fail. A zero-entry pool provides water fun for all campers, regardless of any mobility challenges they may have. A special warming room or “French fryer” allows children with sickle cell anemia to enjoy swimming – many for the first time in their young lives. An exceptional tree house, mini golf course and multiple trails are specially designed to be wheelchair-accessible, ensuring an inclusive experience for all youngsters. Safety, Respect and Love guide every moment of this haven for seriously ill youngsters. In the words of one young camper, “I love it here. Sometimes you think being so sick gives you limits, but the Camp helps you try anything.” The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp provides year-round programming, offering an outstanding summer camp experience for more than 1,000 seriously ill children, as well as 24 weekend programs from fall through spring for approximately 3,000 campers, along with their families and caregivers. The Camp’s year-round Hospital Outreach Program brings the hopeful and playful spirit of Camp to seriously ill hospitalized children, providing services to thousands of children in hospitals across the Northeast each year. Altogether, the Camp will serve more than 20,000 children and family members in 2012. Best of all – all of the Camp’s services are free of charge, thanks to the generosity of many caring friends and supporters. COMING SOON 03/03/2014


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