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Who is MasterMataz?

Jay R. Charles. Originally from the UK With a chosen name not birth name. Jay = Me. Robert = Father. Charles = Adopted Grandfather.

Jay surviving grandson from the Hoare, Williamson and Perry family of South London. His father adopted out during WW2. His mother British, his father Native American.

Jay R. Charles is in fact the birth of brand new family heritage he has chosen to create.

Jay experienced many great and wonderful people within his time in the UK.

Music also helping others is his dominant vibration. He has traveled many locations on earth. Meeting some of the greatest human beings.

MasterMataz does not see color, gender, race or culture, not even countries. He sees only Human beings and one planet. He does not believe in conspiracy theories, Nor us and them. He sees no separation between anything.

He fully understands if he does wrong upon another human being. He has only harmed himself. No one but. All his choices are his responsibility 100%. He is responsible for no one and no one is responsible for him.

MasterMataz is merely a mask he wears for music. MasterMataz or Jay wears many masks as we all do in life. He has a mask for every area in his life.

He ventures into what's seen as the unknown, for the unknown excites him more than anything.

MasterMataz does not give much of his private life. This is special to him for those he selects who he trusts as his select family circle.

If you like the music he creates, his art, visions, anything where his imagination may venture to travel. Then he gives Thanks to you especially for your appreciation.

That's who he is... for those who seek his presence on earth... or Collaboration of imagination....