#Pomplunation I have removed from all stores currently being executed. I don’t believe in anything to do with wars. I value ALL human life. So I refuse to support. staying true to myself.

    MasterMataz Global Message (You Have Forgotten Who You Are)

    About MasterMataz

    Master of Himself. “I Am & That Is, My Name.”


    The real me.

    I am a Pisces Sun, Capricorn Rising. I am Spiritual which means I Am Spirit. I have no higher-self. That which people call higher-self I am that as me Physical Me and Spirit me merged as ONE here and now and always I Am.

    Their is no power outside self. I don’t believe in twin flames as I know fully my twin was always my Spirit and Me. Both realms joining as one. I have spent my entire life working on me to reach what I have at present.

    I am an artist. I am a firm believer in states and venturing where others fear to go. I am all things I don’t bid the universe to do my work the universe is myself. Nothing comes into my life unless I call them into being.

    Their is no spiritual being upon this planet that knows it as unique as I do. while others follow the crowd within spiritual domains. I continue to cross my footprints within the sands of time. If I follow you consider you’re honoured. You shall never know the core of my being unless you’re a blessed person walking.

    For those who recall the night time froze still the being that entered through the light, it was me from the future entering from 2018 by 2018 i was going to fully understand how to go back in time to fix errors. I reached back 30 years into the past to change history, correct a mistake the three of us did that night.

    The scar down my face played a big part in history a constant reminder of who I am what I must never forget. If I fell to sleep one glance upon a mirror the reminder was triggered. That’s why I wear the scar.

    The Eye of Horus sits strategically at the back of my neck for reasons none shall ever know.

    I am one of the Son’s of Elohim…

    I  am a shapeshifter one of the great traits of choosing to be a Pisces this last time. This helps us blend to what ever is needed at the time.

    “Here is a funny story around a month ago, i walk through the countryside to reach a place i visit regular. walking down the road a car was approaching from behind. as he passed me I shifted into a giant as i knew it would freak him in a funny way.  30 yards ahead of me he suddenly slammed his breaks on looking in his rear view mirror. I gave him just a short glance at the corner of his eyes to confuse what he just witnessed. I laughed all day wondering what he went home telling his wife. That man believes in things not explained by normal senses. That’s a good thing. He sure won’t believe the crap you find on news channels.”

    I enter dreams of those who need my help whilst they sleep, some remember many don’t. Others around the planet enter mine a network team Son’s of Elohim…

    Many know of my tour on foot through the middle east in 2012. I was their to bring the truth back to the Western world. all you have been taught is a lie. a Nation of Peace and Love. one way ticket to Instabul moving across on foot to Kars, Iran, Armenia, Baku Azerbaijan end of my tour. I have the truth bring me home that was my sisters job. 

    The time is right for me to come out.

    That is who I am. If you challenge me in the past it’s because I called you in for my own benefit and growth.

    Artist Me

    Producer and DJ from London, MasterMataz started as a DJ in his teenage years. Music soon occupied a major portion of his life.

    Wishing to expand his artistic talents and skills, he sought out the mentorship of Musician and Author, Kathleen Lorna Middleton who not only taught him the piano, she went on to become one of his closest friends and surrogate Nan.

    MasterMataz had the honour of befriending the cousin of the iconic Frank Sinatra (thanks to Kathleen). He also ended up being Nicholas Sinatra’s personal driver and even got promoted as his P.A, while Nicholas lived in Hendon, London.

    MasterMataz in addition to music also a ICTTech. CLC. O.A Dip. (Fashion Design). Web-Designer, Graphic Designer. Multi-talented being within many fields who continues to add new skills to his portfolio.



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